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DVLABS technology has been designed for deployment at scale. Using public or private cloud infrastructure, DVLABS can turn around any size of job in whatever timetable is necessary. Realtime solutions for ultra-efficient live 4K HLS streaming are under development.

For content publishers interested in exploring this capability, DVLABS will provide a demonstration of the technology at DVLABS expense and support the integration work necessary to get this service up and running as part of an engagement.


DVLABS was founded in 2001 by Daniel Summer. Current and past clients of DVLABS video services include Google, AOL, Paramount Pictures, NBCUniversal, and the Smithsonian Institution. Daniel is also the founder of the cloud computing company AcceleratedServers, which has built scalable infrastructure for AT&T, the Department of Defense, DVLABS, Livestream.com, Qwest, and Raytheon.